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Learn step by step, in a fundamental thorough way, starting from zero, and do it at your own pace!

Rich Experience

The courses on this website were developed by Haim Michael. Haim has more than 20 years of experience teaching programming (academy & high tech companies).

Risk Free

Buying a course on this website is risk free. If you are not satisfied with the course , you can (within 14 days following the purchase) ask for a full refund.

Continuous Evolution

The courses on this website are continuously developed. We introduce updates in accordance with the technologies' changes and we continuously add new topics.

Facebook Group

Each and every course on this website has a private facebook group. We use these groups for providing support and assistance. These groups are for our students only.

Small Units

Each and every topic is decomposed into smaller topics. Each and every smaller topic is delivered using a separate video clip. This eases the learning process for every student with ADHD.

Detailed Slides

Although each and every topic has a detailed slide, the explanations themselves are given together with live coding and using simple words.

Our Most Popular Courses

We continuously develop new courses. Our most popular ones include the following.

Carefully Crafted

Our courses are carefully developed, step by step, especially for our kids!

Haim Michael

Teaching others we better split our training into small parts. Moving forward one step at a time keeps the student’s attention and contributes to the student’s success. 

The explanations must be implemented using simple plain words. The simplest the better. 

We better provide our students with positive feedback during the course.  This positive  feedback encourages them and pushes them forward. 

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Haim is one of the best lecturers I ever met, he has a passion to learn as well as to teach, and he passes his passion and skills to his students.
Haim is a brilliant and extremely talented lecturer. Haim knows Java, and OOP like the back of his hand. He has a broad view of many programming languages, and each one he knows profoundly.
I attended Haim's lecture in Avaya R&D (Pune, India). He explained the basics and the technical aspects of Android really well. He has the quality of keeping the lectures interesting.
In a limited number of hours Haim succeeded to give so much useful information which guided me while doing my first steps in web applications development.
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